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Zakiya the...

Multi-Talented, Multi-Faceted, Multi-Dimensional.


It is my mission to equip women with the tools needed to manifest the harmonious lives they desire and truly deserve through business development from a feminine perspective.

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The Beauty Alchemist

I am the Founder and CEO of The Lash Queens’ Face Bar located in Marietta, GA. There I have created a sacred space for women to beautify themselves with Lash, Brow and Makeup Enhancements and Organic and Natural Facials. It too is a healing place, stop by to see yourself!

A Bit About Me

Golden Chakra

I am Zakiya Eshe’, an entrepreneur, beauty enthusiast and feminine business coach. I have a passion for creating, beautifying, and evolving. In my passtime, I enjoy spending time with family and my close friends. I choose to live a life of  love and high vibrational experiences. I believe that each individual was born with purpose and in divine creation. I strive to help others tap into their power, live fully and in harmony with necessary guidance and by simply being an example.


I have always recognized my intuitive business skills, not always following it unfortunately lol but I have evolved to have my intuition as one of my greatest strengths. This connection to source and my divine goddess self has allowed me to live a holistically fruitful life. This is an energy that all are worthy of and with intentionality and determination you can access too. It is our duty as humans to aggressively push towards peace and harmony, first within ourselves and then into our communities and ultimately the world. This energy can bring abundance into your business, your relationship and throughout your personal life.


Your current habits, thought patterns and negative realities are not yours, the way you have been aggressively pursuing your dreams is not the only way to success either, that is if you don’t want it to be this way! When I assist you, the most important thing you can expect is that I'll hold sacred space for you with authenticity and love. Understanding where you are in your journey because I too have been there. My work is so much more than beauty, coaching and femininity. It's about having honest feedback, support, and guidance so you will actually take action and shift your reality!


Start today with these FREE tools. 

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Want to see how the power of affirmations can help you shift your life?

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The Entreprenuer

Hypnotism became a passion of mine once I realized how powerful the mind was and how everything stems from thought. I made it my duty to assist those who desire to shift their mindsets in efforts to make the world a better place one thought at a time.

Spiritual Activist &

Golden Crystals
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The Coach

I consider myself to be an Activist because everything  I do heavily goes against the man made systems that have been put in place to run this world by. It is my desire to bring awareness to the true spirituality that cannot be defined as religion but Nature. The truth is you can be and have whatever you want, you must first possess the frequency and mindset to actually attract it, and it is yours!

My Personal Evolution Timeline













Moved To Atlanta

Had Spiritual Awakening and Started Using Meditation and

Affirmations to Manifest and Heal

Learned How To Do Lash Extensions

Started Consciously & Intentionally Manifesting

Graduated From The Illustrious Clark Atlanta University with a dual Bachelors in Business Marketing and Fashion Merchandising

Started Professional Beauty Career as a Spa Manager and Lash Artist

Learned How To Microblade Brows

Purchased My First Home

Started The Lash Queens’ Esthetics Spa

Experienced First Ancient Sacred Plant Ceremony

Received Esthetics License and Hypnosis & Life Coaching Certifications

Moved The Lash Queens’ Esthetics Into its First Brick and Mortar Location

Apprenticed Under Shaman, Learning about Sacred Spiritual Practices & Indigenous Plant Medicine

 Joined Mami Wata Wellness Team

Became Sole Proprietor Of The Lash Queens’ Esthetics & Retired From Servicing Clients

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