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Frequently Asked Questions

Hypnosis and Life Coaching

What is the length of the session? 
Length is approximately 2 hours. 

What are the risks of hypnotherapy? 
No risk besides feeling maybe dizzy or headache afterward, that subsides shortly after we end.

What are the benefits of hypnotherapy?
Benefits is undoing of unwanted behavior, thoughts, feelings etc. They only last however  if you truly desire it. Some people are addicted to their toxic cycles. It will not all be instantaneous, but some more so like a thought or feeling will arise and you have the power to choose to continue your past actions or create the new ones we establish. 

Do you cover my whole list during one session? 
I will attempt to cover the whole list in one sitting, however we still may need to do reinforcing sessions to ensure positive results.

How do you record the sessions (what tool) and why? 
I record on my phone or yours for you to re-listen, or zoom if we work virtually. 


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