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Zakiya Eshe

Zakiya has found her passion and is here to teach people how to do exactly what she did, reprogram their subconscious minds to heal traumas, rid themselves of unwanted habits, and create clear visions to manifest their deepest desires. Spiritual therapy can help individuals reconnect to their lives and establish meaning....



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During a 20 minute call, you can find out how any of my services can add to your life and if you are a good candidate. During the call we will begin to uncover some of the things you could tackle with spiritual therapy, hypnotherapy or life coaching

Support Group

In one 2 hour session we are able to tackle whatever comes to mind. Following up with services for growth in desired areas. This includes readings, hypnotherapy, and life coaching. 

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This package can focus on one topic or all including Healing, Abundance, and Love. We will use hypnotherapy and affirmations, along with other goodies to help you attract harmonic health, abundance, and love.

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