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Zakiya Eshe

Zakiya Eshe’ is a Spiritual Life Coach, certified Hypnotist of the National Guild of Hypnotists and Life Coach. Zakiya prides herself on being intentional about her healing, evolution, and manifesting her desires. After earning her bachelor’s degree, starting a career in the beauty industry, embarking on entrepreneurship, and moving into one of her dream living spaces, she realized the pattern to her success and evolution. In addition to material manifestation and most importantly, Zakiya grew spiritually in ways that can only be experienced. It seems as though every time she changed her mind on who she wanted to be the universe showed up making it a reality for her.

Group Meditation

Manifestation Courses


Take manifesting to the next level and intentionally manifest emotional and trauma healing.  
We've all learned how to manifest material but it would come much easier if we did the spiritual work too. Let me guide you into knowing how to heal and manifest anything! 

Rock Balancing


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Into To Manifesting Workshop

December 16, 2021 

Join me as I share all the tools I’ve used over the past 5 years to manifest a life I love.

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Sex Manifestation Workshop

January 27, 2022

Join me in the workshop, where I will teach you how to use your sexual energy to create and shift your reality.


Manifesting Bootcamp 

February 10, 2022

Manifesting can be used for more than just attracting material gain. Join me for this 6 week intensive where we will work together to manifest