3 Steps To Protecting Your Energy

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

As a woman, it’s hard. Period. Lol, No one wants to say this but without us, this whole damn thing would fall apart and crumble. We give so much of our energy into feeding others, sometimes we forget about ourselves.

Who is supposed to love and nurture us while we are loving and nurturing everyone around us? Well, the answer is you! Lol, You were looking for some awesome ass answer. Girl, it’s YOU! It’s taken me time, but I have truly grasped the concept of “it’s ok to be selfish”.

Not selfish like “you can’t have any of my candy” but selfish with my energy, it’s so sacred that it shouldn’t be shared with everyone, and it should be protected at all cost. You should be protected at all cost. You have to know when to cut yourself off from negative energy and how to protect yourself in the midst of it.

For starters, it’s important to listen to your feelings. How do things make you feel? When a situation or energies aren’t for you, your intuition will speak. I’m just coming into space where I actually want to follow those feelings instead of my head with some messed up logic or my heart (at the moment lol). A few months back, I was with some friends at a dance studio, just vibing. While I was having an amazing time, I got this sudden urge to leave. Luckily, I listen to myself these days! 30 minutes after I left, one of my friends called and said every car in the parking lot was broken into. While a part of me felt bad for everyone there, I was proud of myself for listening. I think it is human nature, we all have this gift of intuition but as women, this intuition is on a whole other level. Be sure to use it. Like everything else I speak about in my blogs, it’s a tool too and the more you use it the stronger you will become with it.

In my last blog, I spoke about how you always need a positive circle of people to uplift you, not just when you are down but all the time. Surround yourself with people who celebrate you and your wins. I am that for A LOT of people. I have friends and family, and clients who’ve become friends. I’ve had to learn how to protect myself in situations where people are just venting to me about something negative in their life. Because I love so hard, it is very easy for me to adopt people’s experiences and problems as my own. It’s necessary to help those around you get through life especially when God has blessed you with wisdom or a gift to do so, but also very important to know how to guard yourself against those negative energies. It’s unfortunate, but sometimes we have to know when enough is enough. Some relationships are too damaging to us to hold onto. While I love my family, and friends a great deal, I love myself more. I’ve made a promise to myself to remove myself from situations that cause me more hurt than love whenever I can. In making this promise, I’ve begun to love even some family from a distance. However, I can’t cut family off completely, nor my friends (I love them just as much as my family) and I for sure cannot cut clients off as they are the source of my income.

I’m sure you all have that one person who always has something negative to say and something negative is always happening to them. Initially, I do offer as much help as I possibly can. Even while being empathetic, you should be sure to not allow those negative vibrations to become your own. I see it all so often people beginning to feel bad because of another person’s situation or even a person becoming upset with you. Those are their emotions, don’t make them yours. Just because someone else is mad, don’t meet their anger with more anger. If someone is sad, why would you want to be sad with them?! This isn’t done on purpose but this is how energy works, it’s contagious whether positive or negative.

You MUST protect yourself! I protect myself by visualizing a safety bubble around me. Lol I know it sounds crazy, but it really does work. When I first started this, I would put my “armor bubble” on at the start of my day. Remember, visualizing is a tool in itself whenever it is used and it’s very powerful. I would see myself with this bubble around me and anything negative someone said or did would bounce right off my bubble never touching me at all, subsequently not affecting me. This allows me to be present and helpful without adopting the vibrations of that situation instead of just checking out and ignoring them completely. Which is what I used to do before I learned how to use this tool or I would feed into whatever the person has going on. Probably making the situation worst. This is not realistic though because you’ll end up ignoring and eventually cutting off some very loving individuals (

which I’ve also done and not proud of) or alter your emotions. It can sometimes be exhausting battling another’s negativity. So, why do it when you don’t have to. Remember these situations are simply situations and not our loved ones.

Steps To Protecting Your Energy

1. Listen To Your Intuition This your roadmap to life, your intuition will never steer you wrong. This is the Goddess in you!

2. Create A Positive Circle Of Individuals. I LOVE MY FRIENDS! I am so grateful for them. Whenever I down or happy, they are there. When I’m wrong they tell me and I do the same for them. Create a circle of people who hold you accountable and encourage you to be your highest self at all times!

3. Protect Yourself Visualizing the safety bubble is everything! In a meditative state, the bubble becomes stronger but you can also do this right before you get out of your car and head into work.

Check out my latest blogs on “Meditation Made Easy: 5 Steps To Easily Add Meditation To Your Day” and “Visualizing; The Easiest Way To Attract Your Desires”. Those blogs will help you meditate and visualize with the bubble more. Just see the bubble around you. Visualize that one person talking shit and it bouncing right off your bubble! Lol

This lesson has brought great ease to my life, with hopes that it does the same for you….

Peace and Love!

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