Visualizing; The Easiest Way To Attract Your Desires

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

One of my all time favorites, visualizing! Visualization is a form of meditation that brings forth great manifesting. Honestly, it’s the cherry on top and definitely the most fun. Visualizing is playing a motion picture in your mind’s eye so detailed that it feels real!

Have you ever pictured yourself with the love of your life, hand in hand, on the beach, while the waves bring music to your ears? You can smell the fresh ocean scent, see the sun radiating off the waves as it begins to disappear as it sets, and with each step you feel sand between your toes and the water brushing past your ankles.  Writing that, I pictured myself with some beautiful man, on the beach about to love him down!

Did you feel it? Your visualizations have to be so detailed that you can feel the emotion of being present in that exact moment.

My biggest and most recent visualization to date that has come to fruition is my new home. For a year, (It takes time, I cannot tell you to be patient enough) I visualized the place I now call home. First, I had to know what I wanted specifically. Not knowing and changing things day to day will prolong it actually manifesting. Know what you want first or you’ll end up attracting something you won’t be as enthused about. I decided that I wanted to live in a 3 bedroom multi level town home. I would visualize myself walking in the place and smelling the fresh gray paint on the walls. I knew where everything was, I would walk around the whole place just to place it in my mind’s eye. I knew how the counters in the kitchen felt, I knew that my master bedroom was directly over my garage. The cherry on top was me standing in the kitchen and toasting a glass of champagne with my friends congratulating me on my new place. That champagne was the best tasting champagne EVER, and hearing my friends voices which was so clear and vivid to me made this so much more real.

The key to a perfect visualization is using all five senses. You need to hear, touch, taste, feel and smell in your visualizations. The purpose of using the five senses is to make it feel as real as possible, almost like a sneak peak into the future!

Then there is the sixth sense (I made it up! Lol but its real!)  and that is recognizing the actual emotion you get from the visualization. After all it is your desire so it should bring much joy and satisfaction. Lets walk through a quick exercise to get you visualizing today!

Step 1: What is one thing you are looking to manifest?

Can you think of something specific you’ve had a desire for lately? How can you personalize it to be EXACTLY what you want? In order to manifest the best results, you need to be clear and specific about what you’re looking to attract. Lately, I’ve been working on manifesting a new car. I know the exact kind and I know the color. Now, I don’t have it YET but I know I’m bringing it closer because I see this car everywhere I go. I see it exactly how I want it.

Step 2: Find a spot.

Where are some places you can meditate without any noise, distractions, and interruptions?

It is hard to quiet your mind if you have many distractions around you. You cannot fully focus on your visualization if you can’t take your mind off the present moment. This is why it’s important to be in a peaceful area. When I’m at home any place is peaceful, my home is always quiet! However, at work if it’s too loud, I will go out to my car or relax in between clients to have a moment to myself.  

Step 3: Relax

Take about 10 deep breaths or more until you are completely relaxed.

Deep breaths slows your heart rate down. If you need additional assistance in relaxing try listening to soft music or consider aroma therapy. Lavender is very calming and one of my favorites. Diffusers are amazing, and will have your entire home smelling fresh!

Step 4: Picture the thing you are manifesting.

One at a time as the scene plays out start using every sense. Maybe you are manifesting a new job. How do you feel walking into this place? What are you doing at this new job? What does your new office smell like? What does your first paycheck look like? Feel the check in your hands, see yourself walking into your bank to cash it. What does it look like driving to this place everyday?

The more details the better, paint the best picture for you. While manifesting my new car, I focus on of course what it looks like but also the smell, I feel the leather steering wheel in my hands. I can hear my favorite song playing on the radio. I love the sun so I picture it shining down so bright on me that I have to pull the visor down to protect my eyes. Because I need to use every sense, I also see myself drinking a delicious smoothie while driving. Lastly, I see myself pulling it into my garage.

Be vivid!

Step 5: Zone in on how this is making you feel? What does this accomplishment feel like?

Step 6: Repeat until the vision is so clear when you come back to visit this again it is engulfed in your subconscious mind.  

Happy Visualizing! Let me know below how it goes!

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