3 Steps To Walking In Your Purpose

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

We often search high and low for our life's purpose, this post helps guide you into uncovering what your purposes are.

Over the last 3 years, I’ve earned my bachelor’s degree, began an amazing career in the beauty industry, and started my entrepreneurial journey as a esthetician and lash artist. From the outside looking in, most people perceived me to “have it all together” because of the rhythm of success I’ve achieved. But the truth is, even though I am walking in line with my purpose, I’ve allowed doubt and negative thinking to become roadblocks along the way.

Over the last year, I’ve wanted to start teaching people how they can create a perfect life for themselves. Not the perfect life for their parents, or friends, or significant other.

And I have to confess that my own pesky little vision blocks have held me back from the very thing I want to teach you how to do. But – like with everything I do – prayer and meditation has finally brought me to this point.

During the time it took me to muster up the courage to finally launch this site I’ve allowed roadblocks like procrastination, fear, doubt, and negative self-talk stop me. I was (and still) scared to show the world who i really am, scared i will be judged, scared to be different, and scared to be transparent. I mean I have  beat myself UP! Lol.

I would follow my great ideas with horrible thoughts of:

“No one will want to listen to me speak”

“People are going to think I’m crazy teaching people how to ‘manifest’!”

When you start walking in your purpose you will run into two types of people. There will be those who fully support you and your personal growth and there will also be those who totally don’t understand. Those that do not understand will speak negatively, and give you every reason in the world why you should not pursue this dream or goal. Well of course I asked friends for advice, some were extremely excited because surprisingly I had been helping them for quite some time, WHO KNEW?! Others, whom I still love! Lol They didn’t get it and criticized just my thoughts on starting this. I had to go deep within and ask myself what i wanted, and telling the world how i have created the perfect life for me and still creating it is what i want to do. I couldn’t let others hold me back and you shouldn’t either! We can’t care what others will think of us while doing what makes us happy!

How to actually get clear on your purpose and vision?

I began meditating on being confident in being transparent because in the past I have been very private and would not let anyone in. However, I know in order for this to work I have to show you how it has worked in my life first hand!

So! First things first…what is your purpose? I believe we have all been sent down to earth with a mission, that which makes yours spirit better and ultimately the world a better place. When asking yourself this, be patient. The answer may not come to you as quick as you ask but if you sit quiet enough and long enough spirit will surely answer. While times are changing, you change, and that purpose may change. So be sure not to get stuck on one idea! You are so powerful, you could handle a boat load all at once, so don’t limit yourself to just one purpose! This purpose may scare the shit out of you! Good! That which is uncomfortable will help to sculpt you into a stronger and better individual. I promise!

After finding your purpose, I’m sure you will have all of these vision blocks like myself  that will attempt to throw you off. Instead of feeding into the “i can’ts”, “what ifs”, “what will they think”, counter your thoughts with positivity. I started off telling myself I’m not confident enough to speak this to the world. Once I realized I was limiting myself from living to my fullest potential, I quickly changed my self talk. I began affirming that I am confident, I am confident in my truth, I am living in my purpose (if this is my true purpose, it’s going to push through no matter what hurdles I'm crossing). What thoughts and words have you spoken that have been limiting you? What do you really want? I’ll show you how to change those thoughts and how to attract what you want out of life!

3 Steps to start walking in your purpose:

1. Sit quietly for 15 minutes a day and simply ask the divine you “What is my purpose?” You want to focus on purpose only. Any time your mind starts to drift, simply bring it back to this thought. If you have never meditated, it may take time to completely focus on one subject. Be patient with yourself, you are now using this muscle in a way you never have. Consider this when receiving this answer, purpose is usually something that comes easily and naturally. It takes very little efforts, for example me starting this blog has been the easiest and most enjoyable thing I have done in a while. Unknowingly, I have been manifesting since 2010. It brings me joy to manifest things and to share it with others. That is confirmation for me that I am walking in my purpose.

2. Uplift yourself! Do away with the negative words and thoughts you feed yourself. You cannot wait for someone to come along and speak life into you. You must do it yourself, I mean you are the one that is there 24/7/365…you are the best for the job! Anytime you say something that doesn’t align with what you want out of life delete it. Simply say delete right after and it is gone, then replace it with the opposite. (Example: I’m never going to get this raise. Delete! Everything is working out in my favor and this raise is mine.)

3.Do what makes you happy….ALWAYS! Remember purpose isn’t just about a career but your everyday life. You were not living in your purpose when you engaged in that argument that left you feeling like crap afterwards. However, maybe you were living in your purpose when you decided to randomly step into that cafe for coffee and ran into a stranger that inspired you like no other! Now that made you feel awesome inside and kept you going for the rest of the day. Forget what makes everyone else happy, what will keep a smile on your face?!

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