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 I use hypnosis to assist in reprogramming the mind to influence a healthier lifestyle and more harmonious habits. Hypnosis is a medicine that has the power to stimulate the mind in order to shift thoughts to manifest into the physical. You could shift your entire reality if you just get certain and serious about what it is you deserve.

Pink Sugar

You could shift  your entire reality, if you just get certain and serious about what it is you deserve.

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Kristen M.

I had a hypnotherapy session with Zakiya and it was amazing! She was so gentle and in tune with my emotional and spiritual blockages. During my session, Zakiya was able to help me find and release mental tension which allowed me to focus and think more clearly. She also guided me through visualization to manifest love, abundance, and balance in my family and career life. After our session, I felt so relaxed like I just got a massage! An hour session felt like 15 min! My mind and body was so at ease. It was like she hit a reset button. Zakiya is soo bomb! Can’t wait for our next session.


Jasmine L.

My experience with Zakiya was more than what I thought it would be. I feel like she was so in tune to me and where I was on my journey. Whenever I work with her, I am calm, peaceful, and receive results. During hypnosis she is soothing and intentional based on my needs. My life has been forever changed thanks to Zakiya and the things that I’ve learned from her.


Amber G.

Zakiya is a true GEM!!! A concrete rose, a blessing in disguise, and an answered prayer. Zakiya is the one. I was keyeword “WAS”) battling an autoimmune disease and I reached out to Zakiya in tears. I was lost, confused and imbalanced. This goddess gave me the tools I needed to live a harmonious life and to take back control over my life that I lost along the way. She taught me to affirm things over my life, how important your subconscious mind is and the true meaning of the power of our word. I’m officially free from the autoimmune disease and I must say Zakiya played a huge role in helping me to reclaim my life back. If you feel like your life is imbalanced and it’s affecting you mentally, physically and emotionally; you need to reach out to Zakiya so she can teach you  how to live the life you deserve.


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