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About Zakiya Eshe

Empowering Business Owners

I provide coaching for business owners who want to be able to step away from their businesses for family, vacations or any other reasons. I coach entrepreneurs on how to set up systems that help their growing companies streamline all actions. I am the Founder and CEO of The Lash Queens’ Esthetics Spa, located in Marietta, GA. There I have created a sacred space for women to beautify themselves with Lash, Brow and Makeup Enhancements and Organic and Natural Facials. I want to show other women how i stream lined this business to 6-figures and granted myself freedom to take off, travel and spend time with family, friends and other passions.

I have a passion for creating, beautifying, and evolving.I choose to live a life of  love and high vibrational experiences. I believe that each individual was born with purpose and in divine creation. I strive to help others tap into their power, live fully and in harmony with necessary guidance and by simply being an example and pin pointing specific areas your business is lacking and provide solutions.


Client Testimonials

“ has been instrumental in helping our business achieve a new level of efficiency and growth. Their coaching has truly made a positive impact on our company.”

- John Smith -

“I highly recommend to any business owner looking to optimize their operations and achieve a better work-life balance. Their expertise is unmatched.”

- Emily Johnson -

“Working with has been a game changer for our business. Their guidance has enabled us to implement effective systems and processes that have improved our overall performance.”

- Michael Davis -

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