Zakiya Eshe'

Zakiya Eshe’ is a Spiritual Therapist, certified Hypnotist of the National Guild of Hypnotists and Life Coach. Zakiya prides herself on being intentional about her healing, evolution, and manifesting her desires. After earning her bachelor’s degree, starting a career in the beauty industry, embarking on entrepreneurship, and moving into one of her dream living spaces, she realized the pattern to her success and evolution. In addition to material manifestation and most importantly, Zakiya grew spiritually in ways that can’t be explained, only one can experience for themselves. It seems as though every time she changed her mind on who she wanted to be the universe showed up making it a reality for her.


Zakiya has found her passion and is here to teach people how to do exactly what she did, reprogram their subconscious minds to heal traumas, rid themselves of unwanted habits, and create clear visions to manifest their deepest desires. Spiritual therapy can help individuals reconnect to their lives and establish meaning.


It all starts with acknowledging self-doubt and/or mental blocks. Before Zakiya achieved any of her spiritual or material goals, she had lots of self-doubt, and looked to others for validation. It felt like she had to live up to society’s standards, and it was hindering her! When she decided to tap into her inner self, she began meditating, performing self-hypnosis and consciously manifesting and healing. Finally, after years, something clicked. Zakiya noticed the more specific she was in creating her goals and desires, the more they began to present themselves to her. Creating specific methods to reprograming her subconscious mind, she began manifesting EVERYTHING she desired with great focus and intent.

Since then she’s created a life that’s allowed her to be free, and more unfolds as the days go by. Zakiya is her own boss, she lives in a home she loves, she’s always attracting genuine relationships, she loves herself genuinely and in her eyes, she is extremely successful! She is fulfilled!


Are you ready to heal and create the prosperous and harmonious life of your desires?


These affirmations will jump started you on creating your desired future!

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